A unique take on James O’Barr’s
classic comic and film series,

“The Crow”

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One Halloween night, a Detroit man wades through a brutal odyssey of his memories and dreams, searching for the men who left him to die in the trunk of a car.

An original story and a fan film of the cult series “The Crow” by James O’Barr, starring the late Brandon Lee.

From Fellpeller Studios and Tennille T. Productions. Directed by Matt Szakal. Cinematography by Peter Poulos. Starring Justin Mane, Callie Bussell, Bobby Laenen, Dan Pesta, Dan Keary, Dan Schmidt, Joshua Lutey, and Tasmay.


“CROW” is a non-profit fan film inspired by “The Crow” movie and comics franchise. We are simply fans making a film FOR fans, and are making no claims for “CROW” to be a part of the official franchise. We do not intend to collect a profit now or in the future. The filmmakers behind “CROW” are in no way affiliated with the copyright owners and shareholders of “The Crow” movies and comic franchise.